Fresh Look Retail Data

The American Lamb Board contracts with IRI/FreshLook Retail Data to offer Industry Partners quarterly reports to track lamb retail sales and trends. The data represents approximately 85 percent of total retail sales and does not include foodservice sales. The data includes sales information by cut, geographic regions, and ten markets.
If you would like access to the quarterly reports please contact Rae Maestas at


Understanding and measuring demand is key to the development of sound pricing strategies, which lead to profitability and to the development and targeting of effective advertising campaigns, promotional activities and educational efforts. Understanding demand also helps gauge the success and effectiveness of the Roadmap Demand Creation committee goals as well as lamb checkoff dollars invested. This study, conducted by Juniper Economic Consulting, Inc., should also help the industry better understand the elasticity of demand (consumer sensitivity to changes in price) and help the ALB and its industry partners tailor lamb promotions.