The Roadmap Project was created in order to identify and analyze the major challenges facing the American Lamb industry. The most effective solutions and a strategy were developed in order to strengthen the short-term and long-term competitive advantage of our industry and to return it consistent profitability.

A 19-person advisory group was appointed to guide this project and input was gathered from all sectors of the industry. Large and small producers from all parts of the country, feeders, processors, direct marketers, the pure-bred and show industries, researchers, industry organizations, retailers and foodservice operators were all included in the research and feedback process. Input was used from all parts of the American Lamb Industry in order to create a comprehensive plan to implement change.

Goals & Objectives

The Roadmap promotes 4 major goals:

  • Product Characteristics: reduce fat content and improve consistency.
  • Demand Creation: achieve an increase in demand for American Lamb.
  • Productivity Improvement: achieve a significant increase in industry productivity.
  • Industry Collaboration: work towards a common industry goal of meeting consumer desires.

These goals, created in collaboration with the research team, advisory board and industry members, have been developed into a comprehensive plan with specific action steps in order to change the American Lamb Industry for the better.

Industry RoadMap